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Main suggestions about communication:

  • Converation is only one way to get to know person better. Try to be communicative. Ask about emotions and life events. Such dialogs make people closer.
  • Do not forget to greet her on Birthday, or with such holidays as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day. There is a good expression: “People prefer to be there, where they feel care and attention”. If you will be caring, your dialog will have a good ground for development.
  • Do not make your dialog too serious, it can make it boring and create a negative impression. Be little funny in communication with lady. Joyful and caring people always are pleasant in dialog.
  • Do not be rude and avoid conflict situations. If you do not like communication, use the function “Block contact” and you will never again will receive message from person you do not like.
  • And now few suggestions on safety: * Always listen to your inner voice, intuition. Even if it looks like fairy-tale, but your inner voice tells you that something is wrong, write to manager and ask to check information of that lady.
  • *Do not hurry up to provide a big amount of your contact information at the first moment. It is better to exchange your contact information when your dialog starts to develop more intensively and you will be able to get to know person better.
  • *Never answer on request to help with money or send a gift. Remember, that after each request of such kind can be scammer. If you want to send some gift for lady, it should be your initiative. It should be your own desire, not a result of pressure from girl’s side. If a lady starts to ask to send her money or gift, then please write to manager about that.

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Yes, these Russian girls on the right are online, you can make a search and see other girls who are online now. You can messageo them and receive replies back in a minute.

We are not a "mail order brides" site, we do not sell addresses.

We are not interested to have women who are not interested in service any more. Near each profile in the gallery you can see when this or that Russian lady was on the site the last time. We do not deliver mail to them. We gather womenon our dating site who have access to Internet, who are serious and who are ready to work to make the relationship work.

Your chosen lady. Who is she?

Every man has his own requirements to women. Maybe some men did not formulate them definitely, but they still exist. Let’s try together to create image of your future wife. Answer yourself what level of education woman should have. Is it necessary for her to have higher education, or natural wisdom together with life experience is enough? Should she be active or better if she is calm and homestay person? Are you planning to have children together? Where are you planning to live with her: in city or in the country? (It is very important that your views of life together will match). If you still can’t imagine some certain image of your future wife, your chance to find YOUR woman is very low. There is no reason to start sailing without certain destination of it.

1. “Match me?” game.

Start playing a popular game of our site. Matching in the game show mutual attraction between you and girls you liked. New and unusual way of dating.

2. Happy couples of our site

Marriage statistic on our site. In AUTUMN 2-4 weddings per day, in WINTER time less, about 4 per week, in SPRING about 4-8 weddings every week. Maybe next wedding will be yours!

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Safe dating

Searching for a safe Internet dating? Then register on our sites. All ladies on our site pass through several staged of checking before activation. We do not pay girls for writing letters. We do not sell contact information. You can exchange with lady your contact information after some period of correspondense. Please do not send your address in the first letter as it is typical behavior of scammers and can frighten ladies. On our site you do not need to pay for communication with each member separately. You pay for membership and can have unlimited number of contacts during payed period. We can’t promise that you will find your wife here, it is impossible to guarantee something in such situations. We can promise that we will put all out efforts for you to find a big choice of brides here, freedom to choose, safety of communication.

We wish you happiness!

Have you ever had situations in your life, when from the first meeting with person you understand that it is for life time? You will think: ‘Finally I found you’. We sincerely wish for all men on our site to fall in love with decent woman! We wish that your attraction will be mutual and grow into real Love!!! Use a Search page of our site of International dating, and check gallery of ladies. Thousands of ladies from different countries of CIS came to search for husband. International marriages are always colorful and interesting, as combination of two cultures will bring as a result, interesting family stories which you will tell to your children and grandchildren. Children in International marriages are usually more developed, as they have possibility to speak two languages from the very young age.

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